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Beam Moving Head Series


This is DAGE exclusive product: with R & D and design patents, any Infringement and Counterfeits will be prosecuted.★

AK-680 is a big lens beam light, the inner dia.is up to 200mm, beam angle: 1.8°, extremely strong & sharp beam effect outshines the market and defys expectations.

It combines high-quality materials at home and abroad and high-tech design technology, Constant current circuit board and full power 650W380V integrated power supply. 46V, 24V, 12V dedicated supply voltage with ultra-precise positioning and strong enough anti-interference ability; self-developed special optical lens, high-intensity condensing effect. DMX address editing via onboard battery powered menu is available, also able to set up the DMX address via RDM remotely. Integrated folding clamps, prism automatic adjustment function, quick and convenient, with CTO linear cooling system, it solves the problem of long-distance illumination.


Customized Philips MSD Platinum 420W, 3,000 hrs, 7800K.Italian heat-protecting glass, The high-tech coating technology originated from Germany ensures that the heat insulation effect and light transmittance of the lamps are adequately guaranteed.

With special Optical lens structure, the lens dia. up to 200mm

1.8-50° beam and frost angle, at 1.8° makes the beam with the most uniform, full and sharp.

Auto beam and prism focusing function.


Display mode 20 million pixel LCD touch screen, with sleep mode function
Lamp’s life & device using time is displayable
With Automatic error tested function
LCD touch and knob control mode


International standard DMX512
20/22 control channels
DMX, random, auto, voice and sleep mode
Using high-tech constant current board, 36V / 12V voltage
Built-in high -quality magnetic components ensure stable signal transmission
Data line antifreeze, in line with CE20 / 22 standard

pin male and female connector
2. 3-pin combines 5-pin male and female connectors

Rated total power: 650W, power fluctuations (± 50W) works normally
Voltage: AC90-260V/50-60HZ,
Using high-tech constant current power board, first-class quality PCB components, SMT processing technology, AC voltage mode
Ground wiring in accordance with international standards
Built-in high -quality lighting power filter to ensure stable signal transmission
Power line antifreeze, in line with CE20 / 22 standard


Independent double shutter device, 0-14 times/s
0-100% linear dimming
The lamp power is automatically reduced by 30% when it turns off in 5 seconds
Remote control switch and boot light function for bulb, default as remote control.


Imported Italian specialty high temperature materials, Germany's high-tech coating technology
1 fixed color wheel, 11 colors+open+linear CTO

6 color Rainbow wheel
Semi- color, full-color, single-color gradients, changeable fast forward and reverse direction rotating rainbow effect
Automatic error correction at any angle with hall, magnet positioned


1 metal gobol wheel, 11 gobos + open+animated gobo, 6 class adjustable beam angle, enabling water, 

shake, slow-fast rotation effect
Imported Italian specialty refractory metal materials
Automatic error correction at any angle with hall, magnet positioned

Frost setting: Independent single-sided high penetration frost lens
Frost effect: Various changes of frost effects
Frost angle: The largest is 50°


Prism Material: Italian heat-protecting glass. Germany's high-tech coating technology
Prism structure: 1. 8 prism , 2.  Honeycomb(24) prism, 2 put together can overlap 32 Honeycomb prism.
Rotating angle is adjustable. The largest prism angle is 50°


Excellent aluminum material, good heat dissipation and light weight
Fan Qty: total: 6 pcs silent fans. 2 for based, 4 for lamp system, the fan is intelligently controlled, and the heat dissipation is intelligently controlled according to the lamp usage status and requirements to ensure that the entire lamp body is always maintained in a predetermined temperature range.

Thermal protection: Built-in overheating protection

X/Y motor: All are driven by 3-phase motors, powerful, faster, more stable and quieter.

X/Y position: Encoder& Hall components position and advanced scanning memory function

using encoder and Hall positioning at the same time, advanced scanning position memory function, making the step angle smaller, positioning more accurate, absolute position memory, DMX offline power-off position recovery or maintenance, accidental misoperation can be automatically resolved Cable correction, with strong enough anti-interference ability.
Pan: 540 ° , 16/32bit, accuracy 2.62°/step, fine-tuning 0.018°, rotation: 2.5 sec.
Tilt 270 ° , 16/32bit, accuracy 2.12°/step, fine-tuning 0.016°, rotation: 1.8 sec.


Internal design: In accordance with international standards and DAGE own design strength, it was made by new & superior quality materials.

2. Appearance design: user-friendly multi-module structure, with ABS flame-retardant high-temperature resistant engineering plastics and high-strength alloy cold-pressed core materials, with design patents, counterfeiting must be investigated.


Body size: 42*38*74cm,  

Net weight: 29.2GK

Packing size:69*58*50cm,  33KG/carton packing 1 in 1

                   96*57*79cm,  96KG/Flight case 2 in 1 


Body size: 42*38*74cm,  

Net weight: 29.2GK

Packing size:69*58*50cm,  33KG/carton packing 1 in 1

                   96*57*79cm,  96KG/Flight case 2 in 1 

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